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Free Nest With Every New Boiler - What is Nest?

Nest is the latest in domestic heating technology. It’s a wireless thermostat that allows you to control your heating and hot water from your smartphone, tablet and Laptop computer.
You can Learn more about the system by visiting the Nest website

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 How Does Nest Work?

Nest uses wireless technology and fits on most existing heating systems. You control your Nest using a simple app which is downloaded and installed onto your device - It’s as easy as watching TV or browsing the internet. Typical annual savings using Nest can be up to £150.00

What’s the Offer?

All new boiler quotes from Cannon Services will get a free Nest system installed as part of the project. This is a saving of £250.00 compared to buying a Nest separately. The system will be installed and you will be shown how to use it by our engineers.

How do I get My Free Nest?

Simply ask us to quote you for a new boiler and you'll get the free Nest system as part of the work.


Note: Nests work with 1 zone heating systems which covers most houses. If the Nest system isn’t suitable for your existing heating system, then you’ll be told by the engineer during the initial inspection visit.


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