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Heating & Plumbing Costs.

Work is carried out on an hourly rate, where we charge for the first hour on-site, then each half an hour thereafter, or a fixed price for larger jobs. Our rates are 100% transparent and a full schedule is shown below.

Our Hourly Rates

7.30am - 5.00pm
Quotations Free of Charge
Gas & Central Heating £90.00
Plumbing £75.00

Prices shown Include VAT. Prices per hour and subject to cost of materials used.
We charge for the first hour on-site, then each half an hour thereafter.

Boiler Service £75.00 Inc VAT
Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate (CP12)* £68.00 Inc VAT
Boiler Service + Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate £102.00 Inc VAT
Gas Fire Service £92.00 Inc VAT
Gas Fire Service + Boiler Service (inc Back Boilers) £110.00 Inc VAT

All prices subject to materials.
* Up to 5 gas appliances.

Service areas are within Kent and East Sussex.



Cannon Services offer free quotations. A quotation is when an engineer will view your property (or in some cases advise over the telephone) and provide a price for the recommended works. A quotation does not include any diagnostics in finding a fault to therefore quote a price of repair.Please fill out the form below and we will consider your application.


A diagnosis is chargeable upon the terms set below when and engineer has to attend a property to find a fault. Once the issue has been discovered the engineer will either remedy the fault within the first chargeable hour or provide an estimation of cost.

If you are unsure if your call is chargeable or not, please call us on 0800 311 8140 and we will be happy to explain.

We have a one hour minimum charge but thereafter we are the only service company to charge in 30 minute increments so you’re only paying for the time worked by our engineer.

Customers are charged from when the engineer arrives at their property to when the job is finished, there is no call-out charge and customers are not charged for traveling time, parking, Congestion charge, and absolutely no hidden charges.

All rates exclude the cost of materials and are subject to 20.0% VAT.